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1200mm Cylinder Mould A4 Paper Machine
Date: 2020-08-21 Views: 12

1200mm Cylinder Mould A4 Paper  Machine


Small a4 paper making machine with cylinder mould made by PAPERLINK.

This technical solution is aimed at the complete set of paper making machine in the 1200mm cylinder paper machine project. It accurately, clearly and completely describes the technical requirements of users in the paper machine system, and gives the technical solutions of the project, so that our company can discuss and exchange technically with your company.

1.According to the requirements of the client, we will integrate the practical experience of the same type of paper machine that our company has successfully completed. Our company will explain the technology of 1200mm paper machine, the scope of supply, etc.

2.The GSM is 60-80g/m2.It consists of cylinder mould , headbox, a press part, a drying part, a roll paper part, a transmission part, a base part, calender wending machine rewinder and so on.

B:Technical Parameters

Output paper

A4 paper

Net paper width


Paper weight


Design speed


Working speed







one floor

Transmission form

AC frequency

conversion drive

Roller balance

balancing requirements


C: Requirements for water, electricity, gas and steam in paper mills

1.Power parameter: High voltage: AC10000V±10%, low voltage: AC380V/220V±10%, frequency: 50HZ±1%

2.Compressed air for operation: medium pressure (air source): 0.6-0.7Mpa, maximum temperature: 35°C, quality: required filtration, working pressure: 0.6MPa or less

3. Clear water and clarified water: requires pure, colorless, sand removal, pH close to neutral

 Pressure: 3MPa, 2MPa, 0.7MPa, 0.4MPa

4. Clarified water: (recycled white water) maximum solid content: 100mg / l, PH value 6-8, pressure 0.4MPa

5. Steam: The highest steam pressure of the dryer: 0.5MPa (working pressure)

Cylinder Mould A4 Paper Machine designed and manufactured by the company can meet the industry standard requirements and the agreement requirements and quality standards jointly reached by the supply and demand sides, as well as the particularly important process indicators. The machine configuration of the machine can achieve the predetermined production capacity, and the internal and appearance performance requirements of the paper machine are mainly considered. The machine is completely designed, carefully manufactured, new, reliable, and advanced equipment that has never been used.

D:Main performance requirements of this machine

1.cylinder mould: stainless steel winding, cast iron spokes.

2.Roll-type rubber-clad requirements: The shelf life of the rubber surface is determined according to the shelf life of the rubber-coated factory, and the warranty of the rubber factory is attached.

3.The back roller, press roller and other various types of guide rollers, spread rollers, pick-up rollers and other important parts of the bearing use Wafangdian bearings or Luoyang bearing products.

4.The complete supply of rollers includes roller bodies, rollers, bearings, bearing housings and the like.

5.The paper machine drive adopts AC variable frequency drive

E:Equipment warranty period

Warranty time of all mechanical equipment of this machine: 12 months after normal operation; bearing and rubber warranty time: 6 months after normal operation; the supplier shall provide lifetime maintenance for the supplied equipment, and the expenses incurred shall be negotiated by both parties.

The warranty period starts from the day when the paper machine is in normal operation, and there is a failure during the warranty period. The supplier will arrive at the scene in time to solve the problem. When submitting the equipment, the supplier will provide the general assembly drawing and foundation map of the paper machine to the buyer. , transmission drawings, after the completion of the project, if there are changes, provide the corresponding change documents.