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2850mm Crescent Type Tissue Paper Machine
Date: 2020-08-15 Views: 91

2850mm Crescent Type Tissue Paper Machine

This technical proposal is oriented to the complete system of paper machine in the project of 2850mm crescent type tissue paper machine. It accurately, clearly and completely describes the technical requirements of users in the paper machine system, and gives the technical program of the project so that our company and your company can discuss and exchange technology.

The GSM is 13-40g/m2. It consists of vacuum forming section , vacuum pressure section, drying section, post-up systemcylinder paper winderoil lubricating deviceair compressed systemtransmission section electric controlleraccessory system and so on.

Technical Parameters


Tissue paper

Trimmed width




Design speed


Working speed


Crepe ratio


Pulp feed



Finished paper





Transmissions type

AC frequency

Division transmission


Warranty period

Native all parts equipment warranty time: 18 months after normal operation. Bearing and rubber roller quality guarantee time: 12 months after normal operation. During the warranty period, any equipment quality accident caused by non-operation error shall be the responsibility of the supplier.


Parts List

1.Wire section

This machine adopts vacuum pressure forming and dehydration. The forming section comprises a hydraulic headbox, a three-chamber vacuum cage, and the mesh cage is covered with a two-layer stainless steel forming fabric. Tension bolts having fixed forming wires at both ends of the vacuum net are used for fixing the forming wire. The vacuum net cage is equipped with a washing net water pipe. The vacuum cage has a couch roller and an guide roller for dewatering and sheet transfer. The dryer is a steel plate dryer with a diameter of 3660 mm. hydraulic headbox

2.Forming section

Vacuum cylinder mould 1 set

The surface of the roll was opened, the opening ratio was 71%, the edge of the hole was polished, the roughness was 0.63, and the inner and outer walls of the roller were 1.6 μm.

Equipped with a cage outside the vacuum suction zone adjustment device. With flaps, 304 material.

3.Pressure Section

Vacuum pressure roller

Vacuum chamber: Single chamber, internal air pipe and water pipe material is SUS304, no hose. Internal pipe clamp spacing is 200mm. Imported sealing strip and pneumatic tire

4.Dryer cylinderStainless Steel Yankee Dryer

SizeBody:φ3660*3150mmend cap150mm x2

Design steam pressure1.0 MPa  Max working pressure0.85 MPa

Dynamic balance line speed: 1100m/min,  grade G6.3.

Cylinder surface coating: special alloy coating (Italian RIF company) thickness 0.75mm

5.Post-up system

The tissue is transferred  by Post-up system in the area where is from dryer cylinder to winder

6.Horizontal pneumatic cylinder paper winder

7.Oil lubrication system

The lubrication part is used for the drying cylinder bearing and gear box of the drying section, and the closed circulation lubricating oil road system is used to supply oil to the oil supply distributor in the middle of the drying part operation surface and the transmission surface frame through the conveying pipeline, and is adjusted by the oil distribution distributor. The amount of oil is sent to each lubrication point. The lowest point of each lubrication point is equipped with a return line to return the oil to the lean station.

8.Air compressed system

The compressed air system includes pipelines from the operating side control box to the gas points of the paper machine, excluding the gas source and the main pipe and the gas storage tank. We provide schematics for users to connect to the entire system.

9.Foundation section

Includes paper machine base plates and anchor bolts, adjustment bolts and horns. The base plate is cast iron structure, and is annealed by internal stress elimination, and then aged after rough machining. Adjusting the level with adjustment bolts is easier to operate and fine-tune.

10.Transmission Section

Engineer station with laptop, A4 paper laser event alarm printer 1 set. PC configuration: Pentium dual-core 2.4GB or more CPU, with optical drive, 2G memory, more than 320G hard drive, network card and its corresponding software. Supports real-time process control, multi-screen display, interlocking conditions, alarms, and monitoring. The communication system uses Profibus communication to provide redundant high-speed data paths, connect process control stations, operator stations and engineering stations, and communicate with DCS systems to provide long enough communication cables.

11.Steam hood exhaust ventilation system

The steam hood of this machine is a two-stage breathing type hot air hood, the wet end is the front section and the dry end is the rear section.

12.Vacuum system

The vacuum system is used to provide vacuum power and control vacuum for vacuum cages, vacuum press rolls, and blanket vacuum boxes. The vacuum press rolls and the blanket vacuum box were pumped with a Roots vacuum pump. Gray cast iron shell, ductile iron impeller.