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3600mm 150T Double Fourdrinier Type kraft liner Paper Machine
Date: 2020-08-06 Views: 205

 3600mm Double Fourdrinier Type kraft liner Paper Machine

This technical proposal is oriented to the complete system of paper machine in the project of 3600mm Double headboxs multi-cylinder paper machine. It accurately, clearly and completely describes the technical requirements of users in the paper machine system, and gives the technical program of the project so that our company and your company can discuss and exchange technology.

This machine is used to 70-200g/m2 Kraft liner machine. It is composed of long web forming part, press part, dry cadre, roll paper part, transmission part, base part, hood part and so on.


Wire section adopts wire forming, choose Air cushion type head-box feed pulp.

Pressure section

Pressure section made of K-Type pressure and 1 set large diameter rollers.

Drying section
       Drying section adopts 32 sets φ1800mm cylinder dryersThe grouping arrangement is as follows:20+sizing machine+12.
Paper winding section
       paper winding section adopts horizontal pneumatic cylinder rewinding machine.

Transmission section

      The transmission section adopts segment transmission and AC frequency conversion speed control.


Headbox:Quality:2 sets; Type: Air cushion type headbox ;Overflow Quantity : 25% ; Return flow of taper feed pipe: 1015%; Lip width: 3900mm ;Upper lip vertical adjustment range: 575mm;Upper lip level adjustment range : 025mm

The headbox is an Air cushion type headbox, which is made of stainless steel square cone tube, plexiglass three-stage step diffuser, and the box is welded with steel plate and lined with stainless steel. Two stainless steel homogenizing rollers, the upper and lower lip plates are made of stainless steel, and the upper lip plate can be adjusted for full width and local adjustment. The pitch of the fine adjustment device is 120mm. The headbox has horizontal adjustment and lip adjustment and fine adjustment function. It has a headbox control system that can be connected with the DCS system signal to realize program logic control. The suitable range of sizing amount is 1:2, and the plexiglass observation hole is arranged on the box to facilitate the observation of the height of the pulp.


Wire section:

The wire section consists of wire frame, a chest roller and a landing gear, a dewatering component group, guide mesh roller, a scraper, a high/low pressure water spray pipe, sprinkler, a tensioner, a corrector, a clear water tray, and a drive mesh roller, vacuum roll, fixed side water needle, cutter squirt, walking stand and so on. It uses a cantilever type change felt.

1 Chest roller and landing gear: 2 setsChest roller; Quantity: 2 sets; Specification : φ600mm×4050mm×4700mm

2. Drive felt roller: Quantity: 1 setsSpecification: φ600mm×4050mm×4700mm

3. Return roller: Quantity: 1 set  ; Specification : φ600mm×4050mm×4700mm

4. Compound rollQuantity: 1 set: Specification : φ800mm×4050mm×4700mm

5. Vacuum couch roller: Quantity: 1 setSpecification: φ800mm

6. Guide roller: Quantity: as designSpecification: φ260mm×4200mm×4700mm

7.Transmission guide roller: Quantity: 1 setSpecification: φ315mm×4050mm×4700mm

Forming board Quantity: 2 sets; Specification: 630mm×4050mm×4700mmType: 1+4 pieces Type

Waste paper stirring deviceQuantity: 1 set; Description: adapt propulsion device

Combine roller landing gear quantity: 2 setsTurbine:ZQSn6-6-8 ScrewQ235AConnecting RodQ235A

    Pressure section:












Design Pressure

Working Pressure

N0.1 pressure



N0.2 pressure



       The department consists of 2 sets large diameter rollers.Total 2 press zones.The press section is equipped with a guide roller, a corrector, a tensioner, a high and low pressure water spray pipe, a suction box, a scraper, a water receiving tray, a walking platform and a roll changing trolley. The press section roller bearings are grease lubricated.

1.Large roller press blind hole roller: Quality: 4 sets; Specification: φ1250mm×4050×4700mm;Roller material: HT300; spindle head: ZG45

2.Guide roller: According to the designed quantity; Specification: φ260mm×4050mm×4700mm; Roller body: Roller body is made of 14mm carbon steel pipe, Roll surface chromium plating 0.05mm, cast iron boring head heat sleeve 45# round steel at both ends, roller finishing Dynamic balance.

3.Cleaning reel: Quantity: 2 set; Specification: φ245mm×4200mm×4700mm; Roller body: Roller body is made of 14mm carbon steel pipe, Roll surface chromium plating 0.05mm, cast iron boring head heat sleeve 45# round steel at both ends, roller finishing Dynamic balance.

4.Stretch roller: Quantity: 4 sets; Specification: φ270×4200mm×4700mm; Roller material: Q235A steel pipe.


  Drying section:

Finished paper dryness: 92%

Maximum use steam pressure: 0.3MPa

Hydraulic test pressure: 0.6MPa

Drying cylinder balance: G4

Guide roller, paper roller dynamic balance: G2.5

Dry mesh tension: 4KN/M

The transmission form is: Air cushion type gear transmission