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1880mm Cylinder mold Tissue Paper Machine
Date: 2020-08-10 Views: 123

1880mm Cylinder mold Tissue Paper Machine

This technical proposal is oriented to the complete system of paper machine in the project of 1880mm type tissue paper machine. It accurately, clearly and completely describes the technical requirements of users in the paper machine system, and gives the technical program of the project so that our company and your company can discuss and exchange technology.

Technical Parameters


Tissue paper


Trimmed width




Design speed


Working speed




Finished paper dryness


Transmissions type

AC frequency division transmission

The 1880mm tissue paper machine designed and manufactured by our company can meet the industrial standard requirements, the agreement requirements and quality standards reached by both parties, as well as the particularly important process indicators.

The equipment configuration of the machine can reach the predetermined production capacity, and the paper machine's internal and external performance requirements are taken into consideration.

The machine is entirely designed, manufactured, new, reliable, and never used as an advanced whole equipment.

Cylinder mould  Qty:1 set; Model:φ1500×2000×2400mm ; The mesh cage has a thickness of 1.5 mm and a sheet pitch of 8-9 mm. The wheel pair is polished, polished, and epoxy treated. The stainless steel is wound around the outer circle and the surface straightness is 0.10mm.

Couch roll  Qty1 set; Dia/length:φ400×2000×2400mm; The roller body is a seamless steel pipe with a wall thickness of 12 mm, a surface rubberized, a rubber thickness of 25 mm, a Shore hardness of 32 ° ± 2 °, a red rubber roller, and a surface finish.

Vacuum suction box  Qty3 sets; Panel material: high molecular polyethylene.; Box body: The thickness of the steel plate is 5mm, the stress is removed after welding, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

Guide roll  Qtyaccording the finial drawing; Dia/length: φ159×2100×2400mm; Coating material: surface polishing; Bearing208209

Pneumatic corrector  Qty1 setStandard

Stretch roller  Qty1 set; Model:φ180×2100×2400mm; Roll body: Q235A steel pipe, roll bread glue,rubber thickness 10mm,rubber hardness 97o ± 2o "A"   

Cylinder Dryer  Qty1 sets; Model:φ2500×2000mm; Body materialSurface hardness : HB210   ; Bearing:ZWZ 3113168; Dryer cylinder: an alloy cast iron dryer with a rotary joint, and the siphon is equipped with a stainless steel pipe joint.

Dryer scraper  Qty2 sets; Dryer scraper: fixed; Scraper material: the scraper body is cast iron structure, and the scraper is EP plate

Touch roller  Qty1 set; Model:φ500×2000×2400mm; Body material:cast iron; Rubber thickness:20mm; Rubber hardness:97º±2

winding machine  Qty1 set; Dia:φ600; Body material steel plate welding, with roll paper roll 2; Surface Roughness: 0.8 microns

Base board  It is a single T-slot ground track. Equipped with anchor bolts, horns, inclined irons, etc., all transmission ground rails and anchor bolts in the transmission section