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Forming Plate
Raw material:Polyethylene
Quality:International standard

 Brief introductionTechnical Data
This equipment can be used for a variety of cylinder machine, which belongs to a novel, rapid and efficient forming device. The utility model adopts the technology of double cone pipe multi pipe pressurized grouting, three stage expansion, a net cage with a plate, an arc plate access to the Internet, a controllable arc plate, etc.. To achieve the purpose of increasing yield, improving quality, improving varieties, convenient operation, prolonging life and increasing benefit. Is the best choice for the old network slot replacement.
This machine is used to store the finished pulp for making paper. In order to avoid the occurrence of the disease of paper, the pulp was input the match by pulp pump and make sure the pulp hung on the cylinder mould averagely. The material of the match trough is 25mmPVC board,using the latest technology,designed to create a net box according to the actual situation of the domestic paper machine,hung pulp uniformity good,anti-corrosion characteristics.

 Technical Data

Material25mm thick plate welding process of polyethylene
Main structuresquare taper pipe inlet pulp, movable arc plate(stainless steel arc board)