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Concentration of input pulp:2-5%
Pressure of input pulp:0.15-0.35 Mpa
Pressure of output pulp:0.1-0.25 Mpa
Pressure of backwash water:Into a pulp pressure+0.02Mpa


Applicable Industries

Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, paper pulp machine price

After Warranty Service
Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service Location

Egypt, Viet Nam, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

Showroom Location

Egypt, Turkey, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh, Tajikistan

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Marketing Type

New Product 2020

Place of Origin

Henan, China

Brand Name
Size of rotor


Taper degree of gear ring


Concentration of input pulp


Motor Power


Speed of motor



Refiner of paper mill



Brief Description

     Pulping Equipment Disc Deflaker consists of the pulping room,a transmission struction,a base,motors and so on.pulping room is fixed on the casing and the movable seat on two fixed disk and mounted on a rotating disk of the two rotating disc,forming two pulping zone.Through replacing different tooth grinding,to meet the various requirements of striking pulp.
      This double disc refiner is used for continus ous refining kinds of paper pulp,and straw ,wood , reed ,bamboo,rag and waste paper pulp.This machine is a pulping machine of coarse and correct gringding in papermaking and wastesd paper remaking thick liquid. It has the advantage of high poroduction efficency and low power consumption.


Pre-Sales Service

My cliects:we can provide customization.Can you tell me your require? as follow:
1.What's paper do you want to produce? kraft paper roll machine
2.What's your net paper width? kraft paper roll machine
3.What's your paper weight(GSM)? kraft paper making machine
4.What's your raw material?

5.How any tons do you want to prodece per day?   

After-Sales Service

After-sales service commitment, preferential commitment and quality assurance plan
1. Training users can independently operate, use and maintain, such as equipment operation technology, maintenance technology
2. Answer technical questions in a timely manner. If the user cannot solve the technical problem, our company will promptly send people to the user site to assist in guiding.
3. If the user needs to update the equipment or expand the construction project, we will provide free technical guidance.