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Consistency of Paper:3-4%
Capacity:30-160 t/d
Feed Pressure:0.2-0.3 Mpa
Volume:0.6-2.0 m3

Main Specifications:


The Advantages Are

1.      Uncut contaminants from Low-consistency pulper are removed with negligible fiber loss.

2.      The Fiber saver works as continuous cleaning equipment for pulper and helps in throughput increase.

3.      Removal of large foreign contaminants eliminates risk of pulp jamming in successive operation.

4.      The contaminants discharge cycle can be operated through PLC based (Time control) panel.

Application & Salient Feature

Low Consistency pulper is connected with Fiber Saver and basically, the reject contaminants over the pulper screen plate are treated in fiber saver The Fiber Saver has a due function of separating the plastics and other foreign material. The Fiber saver screen plate normally has the same perforation as that of pulper and the impeller rotating against the screen. The impact of impeller separates the fiber from the rejects and before the heavy rejects dump it is thoroughly washed to recover good fiber hence working most efficiently for fiber recovery. 

Brief Description 

Pulping Equipment Disc Deflaker consists of the pulping room, a transmission struction, a base, motors and so on. pulping room is fixed on the casing and the movable seat on two fixed disk and mounted on a rotating disk of the two rotating disc, forming two pulping zone. Through replacing different tooth grinding, to meet the various requirements of striking pulp.
This double disc refiner is used for continuous refining kinds of paper pulp, and straw ,wood , reed, bamboo, rag and waste paper pulp. This machine is a pulping machine of coarse and correct gring ding in papermaking and wasted paper remaking thick liquid. It has the advantage of high production efficiency and low power consumption.


We strictly in accordance with the production system, never let defective or substandard products affected parts of the product; Due to mechanical products from a variety of bulky component parts, and therefore the need for strict to grasp the scale of the operation of the machine to be good, to ensure the life of the machine, increase the production capacity of the machine products.

After-sales service commitment, preferential commitment and quality assurance plan
1. Training users can independently operate, use and maintain, such as equipment operation technology, maintenance technology
2. Answer technical questions in a timely manner. If the user cannot solve the technical problem, our company will promptly send people to the user site to assist in guiding.
3. If the user needs to update the equipment or expand the construction project, we will provide free technical guidance.