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The Notes for Toilet Paper Making Machine
Date: 2020-08-24 Views: 65 views

The Notes for Toilet Paper Making Machine

Toilet paper, is one essential thing in our daily life, and it’s related to our health. Therefore, the demand for toilet paper making machine is also increasing day by day. Tissue paper making machine is an equipment which used to product toilet paper. Toilet paper making machine can be divided into automatic toilet paper rewinding machine and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine according to the degree of automation. Toilet paper making machine can also be divided into toilet paper rewinding machine and toilet paper cutting machine according to different functions. Paperlink is a company who manufacture toilet paper processing machine and export them. So, what does it have to pay attention to, let me introduce it to you.


Generally, in order to make the toilet paper machine work normally, a safe operation system for equipment maintenance should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the toilet paper machine, and necessary maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories should be required. Paperlink can help you design the project, maintain machine to keep the large toilet paper making machine can be used for a long time.

When the roller grinding device of toilet paper machine is used for more than 500 hours, we should replace the roller. Each rolling bearing in the roller sleeve must be cleaned and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. Manual refueling pump and butter gun can be used for refueling tools. We need high quality rolls and high performance machine, it’s a good decision to choose Paperlink.

In the processing of using toilet paper machine, fixed personnel should be responsible for watching, operators must have a certain level of technology. Before the installation of toilet paper machine, necessary technical training must be given to the operators so that they can understand the principle and performance of sanitary paper machine and be familiar with the operating procedures. Paperlink Group can provide professional engineers to help buyer train workers so that they can operate the machine proficiently.